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How can I easily calculate the size of a split system I need?
Here is a simple two-step formula you can use:
1. Calculate the area of the room.
2. Multiply the area by 150 watts.

For example, if your room is 6 metres by 5 metres:
1. 6m X 5m = 30m square
2. 30m sq x 150 watts = 4500 watts (4.5kW)

Also useful to know which direction the room is facing. There are factors that need to be considered such as southerly facing rooms require less cooling summer but more heating in winter. If the room is facing west, or if it is facing north and has large windows, use a factor of 190 watts for your calculation. In our example above, a westerly facing room would need a 5.7kW system. If more than two people occupy the room in daylight hours, add an extra 200 watts for each additional person.

How often do I need to change filters?
The standard air clean filter uses static electricity to clean dust and other fine particles such as plant pollen that are too small to see. Air conditioning filters should be cleaned every three months and ideally they should be cleaned monthly during summer. You should also clean the air vents at the same time. We recommend you make a diary or calendar note at the start of each year as a reminder.

What does "Back to Back" mean?
Back to back often refers to as straight out and down. The indoor and outdoor units are placed on opposite sides of the wall. This reduces the amount of copper pipe run required to connect the two units.

What is a split-system air conditioner?
The most common residential split-system air conditioner is an air conditioning unit made up of two units - an outside unit, the compressor and an inside unit. A split-system air conditioner can be used for cooling and heating.


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